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A mascot serves as a symbol of its university, contributing to school spirit by energizing and entertaining the community. Each mascot builds energy among its loyal followers, and deepens feelings of pride and connectivity.

“Jake” and “Valor” so accurately represent our unique community of online learners. We don’t have sports teams or tailgating, but our students and alumni certainly have pride in their university – and they don’t need a stadium to show it. Our students are competitive and driven and are dedicated to learning. They are working to make a difference in the world – in ways big and small. They serve and protect, and they support their communities and nation.

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Meet “Valor” the AMU Golden Eagle

With its rich history of educating our nation’s military and public service professionals, American Military University is clearly defined by the remarkable attributes for which its student body is known. Why Valor? In battle and beyond, valor equates to great courage in the face of adversity. AMU’s Golden Eagles are respected for their service, dedication, and sacrifice for the betterment of others; for their quiet strength and personal character; for their pride and humility; for holding themselves to the highest standards of integrity and for being driven in all that they do—in summary—for being our nation’s heroes. These attributes combined together create the symbolic DNA of the Golden Eagle.

Meet “Jake” the APU Volunteer

Much like AMU, American Public University is renowned for the exceptional qualities commonly demonstrated by its student body. Jake is named after the celebrated Labrador retriever that helped the search and rescue efforts following the Sept. 11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina. Jake represents qualities attributed to APU’s Volunteer community. Volunteers are brave and always prepared to act on behalf of others. They are distinguished for their commitment, drive, maturity, intellectual curiosity, and integrity. At the heart of defining APU’s like-minded scholars and professionals, is an unyielding and pervasive spirit for public service. Intelligent, strong and versatile, Jake represents a trusted partner in public service, search-and-rescue, military missions, public safety and law enforcement. The Volunteer truly is a breed apart from all the rest.