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Mascot Cutouts

Click on a mascot to open the .pdf file in a new tab. From there you can print or save the file.

  • Download and print a Jake or Valor mascot image.
  • Take a photo of yourself and your mascot – creativity is encouraged.
  • Share on Twitter or Instagram with #AMUwithyou or #APUwithyou.
  • Not on Twitter or Instagram? Submit your photo and caption to engage@apus.edu.

Device Wallpapers

Choose your device from the items below:

(download links not compatible with Internet Explorer and Safari – you will need to click the download link and save manually by right-clicking the image and using “save as”)

  • Desktop
  • Android
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • HTC


AMU 4000 x 2668 Download
APU 1920 x 1200 Download


AMU 960 x 854 Download
APU 960 x 854 Download


AMU 1024 x 1024 (iPad) Download
APU 768 x 1024 (iPad 2) Download


AMU 854 x 1280 (iPhone) Download
AMU 854 x 1280 (iPhone 3) Download
AMU 640 x 960 (iPhone 4G) Download
APU 640 x 960 (iPhone 4G) Download
APU 640 x 1336 (iPhone 5) Download
AMU 750 x 1334 (iPhone 6) Download
APU 750 x 1334 (iPhone 6) Download


APU 480 x 800 Download
APU 960 x 800 Download

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