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Interview with Jake

So, what has life been like since you were introduced as the new mascot for American Public University?
Officially speaking, I’m extremely proud to represent such a motivated, intelligent group of students and alumni. The faculty and staff aren’t too shabby either—there are a few cat people I run into now and then, but to each their own. Unofficially speaking, it’s been a whirlwind tour ever since the big announcement. I’ve been traveling, doing interviews, autograph signings, working with my feathered colleague on our new clothing and accessories line. The Olsen Twins have nothing on us, well, besides billions of dollars.

Tell us a little about your official pose?
Well, first I put a lot of training into holding my pose. Zoolander has his Blue Steel, and I call mine, Titanium Fang. I patented the pose myself so don’t try to imitate it. I try to portray a quiet confidence and readiness to jump into action. My posture—tail pointed, paw forward—represents bravery in always wanting to be first to respond. We have students, alumni, and faculty whom when opportunity arises to help others, they stand ready. I’d like to think that’s what I represent too.

What’s the best part about your job?
Perks, lots of perks—they’re usually in the form of Snausages. I meet all kinds of wonderful people, but I’m not one to let all the attention distract me. I may be your best friend, but I’m always a pro. Every working canine is highly educated and prepared. It’s like when you see us working security at an airport or a rock concert, we never get distracted. Sure, secretly we want you to come over and rub our bellies, play some tug-o-war, maybe go chase a squirrel, but there’s no dognaps on this job. My point is this, have you ever seen a tabby cat join in on a SEAL team mission? Exactly.